The Buckingham Inn Exterior Prairie Style Architecture

Constructed in 1911 as a 3-flat apartment, The Buckingham Inn was built in the Prairie School style influenced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. This architectural style is marked by clean lines, broad overhanging eaves, fine craftsmanship, and windows grouped in horizontal bands. The residence was cited as one of the finest examples of Prairie-style apartment buildings in Madison.

The original owner resided on the first floor with her sister, and rented other units to the Director of the Forest Products Laboratory, a Wisconsin Highway Commission engineer, Secretary of the University of Wisconsin faculty, and professors of Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Engineering. Since then, the building housed many UW staff and students, many with ties to the Engineering College or UW Athletics. Numerous friends and acquaintances occupied the building or have memories of times spent here during their college years.

With a few changes to interior rooms, renovation of the building began in October 2013 consistent with its original architecture. The walls had no insulation behind lathe and plaster. Mechanical systems had reached the end of their lifespan. Electrical wiring was outdated. The house now has new insulation, electrical, plumbing and heating systems. Interior woodwork was reproduced from the original painted pine to rich dark-stained oak.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to rehabilitate this unique "ol' lady" into a repurposed and renewed home that is welcoming to friends and guests in the University Heights neighborhood. We look forward to seeing you at The Buckingham Inn!

- Heidi and Tom Notbohm, Innkeepers