Web Accessibility statement

The Buckingham Inn Bed and Breakfast strives to make accommodations and services accessible to individuals with disabilities. The Buckingham Inn endeavors to provide web access for all guests to learn about the property, amenities and services so they may ascertain whether the inn and its guest rooms will meet their needs. We are working to improve web accessibility so web visitors may navigate, see, understand and interact via The Buckingham Inn website.

The Buckingham Inn is continually working to meet evolving standards and to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1. We installed the UserWay accessibility plugin on our website, including features such as audible screen-reading, highlighting of links, and modifications to contrast, font, text and cursor size. We added more labels and titles to make it easier to find information on our site. The Buckingham Inn website contains many high-quality images that display amenities and features of the inn and illustrate the web page content. We added ALT tags to our web pages and images to aid in obtaining information from The Buckingham Inn website.

Our efforts in seeking solutions to enhance web accessibility are ongoing. We are happy to discuss The Buckingham Inn’s facilities, accommodations and services by telephone or e-mail. If you find an accessibility issue that has not yet been addressed, please notify us by e-mail through our Contact page or at or by phone at 608.819.8029.

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building Accessibility

The Buckingham Inn is a 3-suite bed and breakfast constructed in 1911. The inn’s front door (36.2-inch-wide door opening) requires climbing three exterior steps and then three interior stairs to access the main first floor level. A side entrance (33.4-inch-wide door opening) is available and has no stairs to the first floor level. The common living room and dining room where breakfast is served are both located on the main first floor level.

There is no elevator in the building. The Varsity and University Suites are located on the second floor, 19 stairs up from the front door.

The Mendota Suite on the first floor has two entry doors. The suite entry near the inn’s front door requires five interior stairs up and two stairs down to enter the suite. This front suite entry door has 33.3-inch-wide opening. The other suite entry door (33.8-inch-wide door opening) is near the inn’s side entrance and requires no stairs. Entering the common living and dining rooms from this other Mendota Suite door has no stairs and passes through 33.8-inch-wide door openings.

The Mendota Suite includes features designed for individuals with disabilities. Width of door opening between the Mendota Suite bedroom and bathroom is 31.8 inches. The Mendota Suite bathroom contains a roll-in shower with drop-down seat, rain shower head, handheld shower head and side body sprays. The shower door opening measures 30 inches wide. Mendota Suite bathroom assist bars are located in the corner of the shower, in the jetted bathtub, and behind and to the side of the commode.

Additional details on room amenities and features are listed on our Suites page.

We guarantee that a specific guest room, once reserved, is held for the reserving guest. We make reasonable efforts with third party reservation systems to provide information regarding features of the inn that are designed for individuals with disabilities.